RH Email Server  
The Email Server is designed to provide services offered by it's commercial email products, such as IMAP/POP services, Web-Based Email Interface and Administration, Mail Filtering, Spam Blocking and Directory-Based Authentication and Addressbooks.  

RH Email Server is fine for businesses and organizations of all sizes. Multiple commercial and educational installations are already using this project.  The largest current user load that has been reported is 7,000 + users.  

Interoperability between RHSD projects such as the RHSD Email Server and the RHSD Domain Controller will allow for use of Single-Sign On.  RHSD also utilizes IETF Standardized projects and therefore will be compatible with any Directory system compatible with LDAP v.3.

RH does not stand for Red Hat. While we use it as a standard base for our projects. We are not at all endorsed by them, or receive any sort of compensation from them for our work.

Currently Available Features:

Web-Based Email Client for Users Web-Based Administration Tools
LDAP Directory / Authentication Role-Based Tool Delegation
Mail Filtering Spam Blocking

Currently being Developed:

Calendar Server Native Email List Functionality
DNS Name Resolution Full RHSD Interopability

The Domain Server projects integrates the following projects:

OpenLDAP Provides LDAP v3 Directory Server for maintaining Domain Information
Samba:   Provides Windows Interoperability.  
Apache:  Provides Web services
Idealx:  Provides administration tools and webmin interface (if installed)
Webmin:  Provides Web-Based System Administration tool.
Cyrus Provides IMAP Mailbox Server
Postfix Provides Mail Transport Agent
Php Provides Web Development for Tools


Questions About RH-EMS?

Q: Can RH-EMS be used with the RHLDC (Domain Controller Project)?

A:  The RHSD developers are currently working to interoperate these two systems.











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