RH .Commerce Server  
The .Commerce  Server is designed to provide a robust on-line retail site comparable to Microsoft's Site and Commerce Servers. The .Commerce server provides a number of advanced features that makes the entire process of running an on-line retail business easy and headache-free.

RH .Commerce Server offers a number of Administrative features, such as auto-generating shipping rates based on weight (UPS, USPS, etc.)  and calculating local taxes.  Payment options include checks, money orders, credit cards and a number of on-line payment service plug-ins such as pay pal, etc.  The auto-creation of invoices and packing slips make the back-office work easily accomplished.  The administrative interface also includes a number of reporting and even includes one-click email solicitation abilities!

Currently Available Features:

Secure Client Portal Administrative Menu
Image or text based shopping cart Multiple payment options
Clean, efficient lay-out Multiple shipping options
Random-izable presentation of sales items Newsletter functionality
Initial Web Portal Auto-creation of workflow documents

The Commerce Server project integrates the following projects:

OsCommerce Provides the User and Administration Website
Apache:  Provides Web services
Webmin:  Provides Web-Based System Administration tool.
Php Provides Web Development for Tools
MySQL Provides Robust Database backend


Questions About RH-Comm?