RH Desktop Workstation  
Interested in having Linux for the Desktop Machines?  Check out this adaptation of the KDE Desktop.   This meta-distribution has been designed for ease-of-use for users that are used to using Microsoft Operating Systems.  Full Office Suite (KOffice) included and support options are available.

RH Desktop Workstation is suited for businesses and organizational use, with the emphasis being on Office Productivity Applications, not entertainment applications.  

Interoperability between RHSD projects such as the RHSD Email Server and the RHSD Domain Controller will allow for use of Single-Sign On.  Future versions will include the option to authenticate to the RHLDC server.

Currently Available Features:

Windows-esque Desktop Choice of Functionality Suites
Network Browsing Web-based Administration

Currently being Developed:

Full RHSD Interoperability

The Domain Server projects integrates the following projects:

Lisa Provides Samba Network Browsing
KDE  Windows Manager
Luna Theme Provides "Windows-XP like theme for KDE


Questions About RH-DW?

Q: Is this just a desktop theme?  Couldn't I do this myself?

A:  RH-DW was done originally as an example of customizing Linux to accommodate Windows Users.  It utilizes several projects to present the desktop to the user in a familiar manner.

Q:  The icons look awfully like Microsoft Icons - Are they?

A:   The icons on the desktop are provided by the "Luna" theme.  We did not take these icons from Microsoft, nor did we construct them to appear that way.

Q:   This project seems to be for workstations - what does this have to do with the SERVER development network?

A:   Absolutely nothing. Network Administrators may consider this for use on workstations.  Ultimately, it came down to wWe had this, so we figured we'd share.  Enjoy.